Wireless Keypad Proximity Tag


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    > Elegant design with LCD backlight

    > Simple operation and programming of the alarm System

    > Suitable for protected indoor and outdoor areas

    > Convenient operation with PIN code, proximity tag / card

    > 32 characters displayed in two lines

    > 2 configurable lines as inputs or outputs

    > LED signal protective front door

    > 4 programmable buttons for quick commands

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    The XG800KP-RFID is an LCD keypad, expansion module for the XG800HYB alarm central. Mounted near the entrance, it enables you to operate your alarm center quickly. The LCD keypad is connected to the alarm center via 4-wire bus wiring. Up to 4 keypads can be integrated into the alarm system. Installed in different parts of your building, these expansion modules provide additional convenience. The system can be conveniently activated or deactivated from each control unit using a PIN code and proximity card or tag. Furthermore, the status of the control center is shown on the plain text display of the control unit. You can look at system settings, programmed programming and the 100-fold event memory of the XG800HYB here - and of course change them too.

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