Control Panel Hybrid 412


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    > Hybrid system, expandable to up to 64 wireless / wire zones

    > 4 sub-areas allow several building sections to be secured

    > Programming via LCD keypad or software

    > Integrated dialing devices for the transmission of digital control center protocols

    > Sabotage-monitored control center, control unit and detector

    > Can be controlled via app (iOS / Android)

    > Programming can be done via keyboard / or PC software

    > Programming with software can be done remotely

    > EN 50131, class 2, class 2 approved

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    The XG800HYB series from Setco stands for tailor-made security for every requirement - and that in a subtle design. The XG800HYB wired and hybrid alarm systems offer you a good feeling of security in condominiums and houses. The XG800HYB wire alarm panels are primarily used in new buildings where cables can be laid without any problems. As a wired / hybrid alarm system, the XG800HYB offers the advantages of two worlds. Most common wire detectors (NC) and the wireless detectors of the XG800HYB series can be read (condition: wireless expansion module available). The XG800HYB is therefore ideal for retrofitting existing buildings as well as for new buildings or renovations, if cables can be pulled in the walls. Wire / hybrid alarm systems are suitable for medium to large objects such as commercial buildings, factories and office buildings. In the commercial sector, wire alarms are usually the method of choice, as an installation is usually simpler and usually larger distances have to be overcome. Wire / hybrid alarm systems make sense in the private sector when the house is under construction or is being renovated.

    Advantages of wired / hybrid alarm

    > Inexpensive components

    > Very large number of integrable detectors, thanks to the hybrid function

    > Expansion with radio components is also possible

    > Resistant to interference thanks to the exclusive transmission path

    > High profitability (investment protection)

    > Low maintenance (no need to replace batteries thanks to the permanent power supply) 

    Reference XG800412HYB
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